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Prevalent waterproofing chemicals provide you nothing but ineffective waterproofing, which means repeated hassle of every year. None of these solutions provide you any kind of assurance.

Asian Paints DampProof, is a technically advanced waterproofing solution with acrylic fibers in it, which provides you long term relief and comes with a warranty of 6 years.

Let our Colour Experts answer all of your queries regarding colour combinations to make your home beautiful with the help of cutting edge technology to showcase an exclusive digital preview in just 48 hours!


What do you get from Colour Consultancy Online ?


          Visualize your home even before it is painted with our advanced visualization software


          Get 3 colour and texture combinations from our colour experts within 48 hours.

3.       DÉCOR TIPS

          Get customized tips on décor elements to enhance the beauty of your home.

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Sanitizing Your Place With Asian Paints San Assure Products

Safety and sanitization is starting to become the highest priority! The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has never been more significant. Our daily sweeping and vacuum cleaning can help us only so much; it can’t provide us the effective sanitization that one requires in the times of a pandemic. Introducing Asian Paints San Assure: a perfect solution to sanitization: It promises to kill 99.9% of the harmful germs using quality equipment and material while following stringent safety protocols.

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